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Yes. Not only beneficial to shut out insects, flies, but also allows fresh air and sunshine into your home, perfect bug & mosquito net for door, bring you comfort, free your hands to entry, as well as ensure your little baby and pet can easily to access.

It comes with velcro that you attach around the door to hold it in place. This also allows you to take it down if you don’t want it up. The velcro holds really well and would not fall down.

For most of the time it doesn’t have any sticky residue. But if you did, you can remove it easily with rubbing alcohol.

Yes, we specially added 8 gravity sticks on the bottom of the screen door, so it won’t easily be blown out by wind.

Remove the brush head and clean it under water. Do not soak or rinse the entire product with water. If needed, please clean the electric rod with a wet cloth.

Accordion Con

Cleaning heads are sold separately on our store, you can buy at anytime whenever you need.


For stubborn stains, please soak with water and detergent first, which will soften the stains and thus shorten cleaning time.

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